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Personal Care industry solutions
Tinci Materials takes "green chemistry to achieve low-carbon and beautiful life" as its own mission, and strives to realize the vision of "becoming an international first-class green chemical operating enterprise". According to public information, 85% of Chinese consumers look forward to sustainable innovation in beauty. With the gradual improvement of consumption levels and quality of life, people's requirements for daily life are also changing. Personal care and beauty products are milder, safer and more suitable for use. Sex and other aspects are given higher expectations. In this context, the Daily Chemical Materials and Specialty Chemicals Division continues to devote itself to the sustainable innovation of products and technologies to provide customers with greener, safer and more effective raw material solutions.

Solution 1: Diversified and differentiated solutions for special silicon

Nowadays, both upstream and downstream are pursuing innovation, and differentiation and diversification are the general trend. Tianci Silicone is mainly based on deep-processing raw materials, located in the middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain, focusing on the refined development and application of silicone materials, focusing on customers, always pursuing perfect quality, and differentiated personalized services.


face the challenge:

Provide differentiated products

D5 Alternative, Residue Control

Rapidly updated market trends

God-given plan:

1. Through independent research and development, we have developed a series of silicone elastomer gels, silicone emulsifiers, low-viscosity silicone oil, alkyl silicone oil, high-viscosity silicone oil, raw silicone oil, silicone oil emulsion, high-viscosity silicone oil, and water-soluble silicone oil that replace cyclic silicone oil. , silicone resin film-forming agent and other materials, combined with customer requirements, to complete product customization services

2. In response to the requirements of foreign regulations, strengthen the research of linear silicone oil, and develop alternative grades such as "TCS-CM3, TCS-MT1.5, TCS-66C1" in combination with practical applications

3. Tinci has an independent R&D team, which responds to market changes in a timely manner for silicone-related skin care and makeup formulations, and provides customers with more market-competitive products

Solution Two: Sulfate-Free Solution

In recent years, consumers have increasingly demanded non-irritating personal care and beauty products, considering traditional sulfate-based surfactants such as Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphonate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ) is more irritating to the hair and scalp. In order to meet consumers' needs for the replacement of sulfate surfactants, Tianci Daily Chemical provides a series of non-sulfate surfactant options, and provides performance and sensory experience that meet consumers' expectations. Recipe Solutions.


face the challenge:

Choice of Surfactant

Mildness Verification

Physical and chemical properties of the product (stability, viscosity)

Product application properties (foam, feel, cleaning power)

God-given plan:

1. Tinci has independently developed a variety of mild sulfate-free surfactants, including amino acid surfactants, isethionate surfactants, betaine surfactants, imidazoline surfactants, etc.

2. For products with different functions (hair use and skin use), Tinci has designed targeted experiments to collect data on mildness

3. Using surface active compounding self-thickening and other related technologies to complete the research on stability and viscosity and improve it

4. Tinci has established an application function verification laboratory with more than 20 various verification instruments, and established an evaluation team to regularly evaluate product performance

Solution 3: Gentle personal care, low-carbon life

With the increasingly prominent problems of global climate change, energy crisis and environmental pollution, green, energy saving and environmental protection are highly valued, and carbon neutrality has become a global consensus. Tinci Materials is based on building an advanced manufacturing and technology center of "green chemistry, circular economy, and intelligent manufacturing" to ensure international competitiveness in product quality and operation level. , gentle and environmentally friendly to innovate raw materials, and implement a series of measures in operation and manufacturing according to relevant policies.


face the challenge:

How to make better use of energy and replace traditional energy with cleaner energy

How to reduce emissions and protect the environment

How to ensure product quality while reducing emissions, reduce impurities and by-products, etc.

How to complete carbon footprint calculation and monitoring

How to Verify Product Mildness and Safety

God-given plan:

1. Optimize processes, reduce energy consumption, reduce impurities and by-products, and use renewable resources as much as possible

2. Establish an independent and complete air emission system, waste water treatment system, and strengthen the recycling of solid waste

3. QC tests are verified by CNAS to ensure quality and safety

4. Complete data collection on raw material procurement and transportation, production energy loss, post-processing emissions, product delivery and transportation, etc., and calculate product carbon footprint

5. Actively participate in industry mildness discussions, and cooperate with third-party organizations to monitor the mildness of each product

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