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With the tenet of " green chemistry devotes to low-carbon and beautiful life ", Tinci pursues green environmental protection operation and green office, strengthens the construction and management of its own environmental management system, implements energy consumption optimization of manufacturing processes, and applies new technology and new equipment to promote energy saving and consumption reduction of process equipment. To meet the target of “CARBON PEAKING & CARBON NEUTRALITY”, we devise important measures as below:

  • Optimization of process and introduction of low-carbon technologies

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    Tinci continuously optimizes its own product production process, adjusts, and dispatches energy consumption such as heating and power generation, which can effectively utilize relevant energy. At the same time, Tinci also introduces relevant energy models and equipment models for system optimization


  • Data management of energy consumption

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    The main energy consumption of Tinci comes from coal, fuel oil, steam, natural gas, electricity, etc. used in the production process. In order to further improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption, Tinci has formulated the "Energy Conservation Management Measures", established energy cost assessment and new project energy conservation assessment. Energy conservation and consumption reduction project activities, and related publicity and training activities has also been carried out.


    In May 2021, Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology Co., Ltd conducted a self-inspection on energy conservation in 2020.

    The total energy consumption in 2020 is 2,684 tons of standard coal,

    The energy intensity is: 0.0272 tons of standard coal/ton, and the comprehensive energy consumption decline rate is 13%,

    The annual energy saving target has been achieved. In the past three years, the comprehensive energy consumption per unit product has shown a downward trend.

  • Implement solid waste weight reduction and resource utilization

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    The group company has formulated the "Solid Waste Management System" to manage the solid waste generated in the process of production and operation. Meanwhile, each production base has formulated a base-based responsibility system for the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste, which clarifies the responsibilities of managers in the whole process of solid waste generation, collection, storage, transportation, utilization, and disposal. On the other hand, it has formulated standardized management plans, which statistics on the amount of waste produced by products and formulate corresponding reduction measures according to the results, realizing the traceability and query of solid waste. And “three preventions” measures are established in the solid waste storage site in strict accordance with the regulations. Eye-catching warning signs are also set up outside the site, and the types of solid waste are strictly classified and temporarily stored in accordance with the principle of classified storage.

  • Establish and improve relevant carbon management systems

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    TINCI Guangzhou launched the POI-EMS energy management system in 2019. Installed energy monitoring and metering devices, realized online water, electricity, steam, fuel consumption data acquisition. Real-time monitoring, meeting Guangzhou's major energy-consuming entities' relevant technical standard specification requirements while developing an energy conservation plan. Through an effective energy management system, we promptly monitor changes in energy consumption and optimize the energy system's operation. By comparing benchmarks, we identified and enacted measures to eliminate device operation gaps and improve energy efficiency.

  • Established energy management team

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    For efficient energy management, TINCI established an energy management team.



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